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Township Zoning, Ordinances and Applications

For Building Permits please call Dave Williams at (570) 344-9681

Temporary / Event Permit Information & Applications

All applicants MUST mail in the following with every permit application to be considered for approval, no exceptions:

(1)          Permit application completely filled out and signed for each event. You can find the Application below.

(2)          A copy of your Liability Insurance showing Lehman Township, Luzerne County, as additional insured for no less than 1 million dollars with each application/event.

(3)          Events which include Fire or any type of fire / fireworks must include the name and phone number of the Fire Company inspecting the site & who will be stationed at the event.

                *** Any Events which require Police include the name and phone number of the Police Officer you spoke with for event. Not sure if Police are needed, please call the Police Chief at 675-1483.

(4)          Payment for event must be included. Fee information is located on the application.

Note: Large events which require the use of Township roads, please submit a map of roads / route & contact the Police chief at 675-1483.

The permits should be submitted at least 30 days prior to event for Board approval.

Door to Door sales or stand Permit and Rules

Zoning Ordinances & Permit Applications

Printable Applications, fees listed above

Subdivision & Land Development

Subdivision And Land Development Ordinance, also known as SALDO.

Conservation Tools Website